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Will O The Wisp

Will O The Wisp Instructions Image

Will O The Wisp is a difficult game that requires strategy.

  • Two face-down cards and one face-up card are dealt to each of seven stacks.
  • You can move one card ontop of another as long as the first card is one less in value than the second.
  • You can also move groups of cards as long as all the cards in the group are of the same suit and are in descending order.
  • When you reach a face-down card, click to turn it over.
  • Empty stacks can be filled with any one card or a proper group of cards.
  • Click on the deck to deal one card to each stack.
  • You can only click on the deck if each stack contains at least one card.
  • The goal is to form four stacks, each in descending order from king to ace, and each of one suit.
  • Example: In the illustration, you can move either of the 8s to the 9 of spades. Then turn over the face-down card revealed. And so on...