Just Jigsaw Puzzles


Penguin Instructions Image

Penguin is a game that requires a lot of strategy.

  • Three cards of the same value are dealt to three of the four foundations.
  • The fourth foundation is left empty, but must take the card matching the value of the other three foundations to start.
  • Foundations build up by suit, wrapping king to ace.
  • Seven cards are dealt face-up to seven stacks.
  • You can move cards around on the stacks, building in the same suit by descending value.
  • You can move groups of cards in the stacks as long as the group is the same suit and descending value.
  • The seven fell cells above can be used to temporarily store any one card.
  • Example: In the illustration, you can move the 2 of diamonds to the foundations. Then you can move the 4 of hearts on to the five of hearts. Then you can move the 2 of hears and the 2 of clubds to the foundations. And so on...