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Klondike Instructions Image

Klondike is the most popular solitaire game, often refered to as just 'solitaire' and sometimes 'patience'.

  • The four foundations all start with an ace and must be build by ascending value by suit.
  • Click on the deck to the upper left to deal three cards. You can turn the deck over three times.
  • The stacks can be built in descending order by alternating color.
  • You can move single cards from the stack to the foundations.
  • You can mov cards by group around the foundations.
  • You can move single cards from the deck to the stacks or directly to the foundations.
  • When you dig down in t a stack and hit a face-down card, you can click it to turn it over.
  • When you remove all the cards from a stack, you can move a king to the empty space, or a group of cards that starts with a king.
  • Move all cards to the foundations to complete the game.