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Duchess Instructions Image

Duchess is a complex game that can be won often.

  • The four foundations at the top are built in ascending order according to suit.
  • The first card to move to the foundations determines the starting value for all four foundations.
  • The deck to the upper left can reveal one card at a time. You get two deals.
  • The four stacks to the right can be built in descending order, by alternating color. You can move groups of cards from one stack to another. You can fill blank spaces with any card.
  • You can play any top card from the four stacks to the left. They can play to the other four stacks or the foundations.
  • The foundations and the stacks can wrap ace to king and king to ace.
  • Move all cards to the foundations to win.
  • Example: In the illustration, you can start by moving the ace of spaces to the first foundation pile. This will make the starting card for all foundations the ace. You can the move the ace of clubs to a foundation as well. Then the seven of hearts can go on the eight of clubs. The eight of hearts can go on the nine of clubs. The three of clubs can go in the space left by the ace of spades. This reveals the two of clubs which can now go on the ace of clubs, followed by the three of clubs. Then turn over the first card of the deck to see what you get.