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Canfield Instructions Image

Canfield is a difficult game which is rarely completed.

  • There are four foundations, one for each suit.
  • A single card is dealt to the first foundation. The value of this card determines the starting value of each foundation.
  • Stack cards on the foundations in ascending order. An ace can be placed on top of a king to wrap.
  • Four stacks of cards below the foundations start with one card each.
  • You can add cards to the stack and move them around, as long as each stack has descending values and alternating colors. A king can be placed on an ace to wrap.
  • When a stack becomes empty, a card from the right will automatically move to fill the space.
  • You can click on the deck to the upper left to deal one card. You can use this card on the stacks or directly to the foundations.
  • You can add cards to the stack from the deck, or from the top card on the right side. Only the top card on the right side can be played.
  • When all the cards on the right side have been played, you can move any card to an empty stack to fill the space.
  • You can move a single card or a group of cards around on the stacks.